Asana – (Free) – App For Business

Save Your Sanity with Asana


  • Reorder tasks with drag and drop
  • Collaborate with up to 15 teammates at zero cost
  • Edit due dates, descriptions, followers, and projects
  • Easily attach files
  • Changes sync in real-time




Asana is a free app for business that help manage your project in a better way. Asana was developed by the Founder of Facebook after a deep study.
Asana helps manage your team, and make sure your that team and tasks, all are on the same page.

If you’re still using email to manage your projects, stop right now. Let Asana tackle your organizing conundrums. Like their desktop version, Asana’s app has a clean design, and lets you and your team stay on the same page throughout projects. It’s a shared task list that lets you create, assign, communicate, organize, and track projects, so no one on the team leaves the loop and gets lost when deadlines loom.

Unlike your inbox, Asana sends push notifications to nudge you when something’s due, assigned, or has status updates on tasks you’re following. Projects are batched and searchable by tag, task, or name. With this app you’ll know exactly how much you have on your plate and what everyone is up to. You’ll have your projects in one spot, not buried in chaotic inboxes with brilliant ideas sinking into a virtual black hole.



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