How To Build An Online Store For Free

If you are starting out and you are not sure how to start your own online store for free, this tutorial is for you 🙂


Open Source E-commerce Solutions

1. OpenCart :

Opencart is by far the best open-source eCommerce solution for you if you are looking to start out to something around a fairly medium sized eCommerce store. When I say medium sized, Opencart is capable of handling thousands of products with tons of categories.

The reason why I prefer Opencart over other open source eCommerce solutions is, Opencart offers a very easy to use interface or would be more precised if I say a easy to use administration back-end. 

Apart from the easiness, Openacrt has a very clean and newbie friend administration back end, so you really don’t have to worry about the how to use it, as it describes all by it self. Plus if you need to know anything, there are lots of easy tutorial online, and obviously Opencart have a forum dedicated to support any questions you might have.

If you wish to Start Your Own Opencart Store, here is a quick and easy to follow guide 🙂


2. Magento :

Magento is preferred by folks who are willing to start larger eCommerce stores as it comes with lots of functionality and capable of managing thousands of thousand products and categories. As Magento being so powerful, its not as  newbie friendly as Opencart, Magento have a bit complex administration section that you may not get familiar with if you are just new to the eCommerce world.

In my recommendation, I would say if you are looking for Big eCommerce store, then you should go for Magento, otherwise Opencart will be the best solution for you.


Paid E-commerce Solutions

1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the top eCommerce solutions whether its paid or free, Shopify is best for beginners who are serious about business and willing to spend a small amount, while receiving full time dedicated support , free store setup and much much more.

Shopify comes with a 14 days Free Trial, so you can test out everything and decide if its suitable for your business or not.

Apart from its easiness and user-friendly interface, Shopify makes it easy to collect payment, so you never have to worry about the tedious stuff like signing up for merchant accounts, credit card processing companies, paying their fees separately, etc. With Shopify, you have it all in one place, so you can focus on more the important things to grow your online business.

Above all, I love their professional and dedicated phone support

Grab your Free 14 days trial now 🙂


2. BigCommerce

In my personal experience, BigCommerce offers a wide range of value added features. BigCommerce is also a paid solution and they have a easy monthly plans that you can view here.

Apart from general eCommerce facilities, Bigcommerce comes with out of the box features that allows you to perform much more with your online store. Bigcommerce promise to provide you the best ever Search Engine Optimization SEO tools that will help you rank better than others who are using other eCommerce solution.

Bigcommerce have a variety of social media tools, plus they have a very cool feature called Abandoned Cart by which you can email your visitor who abandoned the cart while shopping for any reason.This feature is proved to work and have converted visitors into customers.

Obviously, these are the top few feature of all, but you can always see a full list he


You can get your BigCommerce 15 days Free Trial here 🙂






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