How To Find Clients And Start Earning As A Freelance Web Designer

Finding potential freelance clients online can be daunting and stressful if not done the right way. I have many queries asking “How To Find Potential Freelance Clients Online?”, here is how you do it.

1. Search for “Crappy” websites

Yes that’s true! search for online websites that look like “Crap”, for instance, Google for “Bakeries in London”. start looking on the websites one by one after 10th page of Google search results. When you come across any old or not good looking website, use the contact-us page on that website to write down a message to the owner of the website, something like this:


My name is Hamza Ghani, and I’m a Professional Web Designer.I came across your website and it doesn’t quite look like its performing for you the way you’d like it to.

Here are few of my recent works:  (give them half a dozen of your previous work)

Let me know if you’d like to talk further, but I think I can help.


Mention a few things that you see on the website which are not functioning correctly, or the bad layout/old design, and end the message with your contact details. Drop this message to around 5-10 websites each day for a week, you will receive response from atleast one of them, and if you land your first freelance client,  You Rock! otherwise, don’t get yourself discouraged and daunted, keep on trying, try to write a better message next time that works for you, but don’t show your client that you are in need of the work, this will allow your clients to take advantage of yourself.


2. Search Freelance Clients Locally Using Search Tempest

Local clients can be found in much easier way using Search TempestYou only need to enter your post code and region.  Follow the simple steps below:

  • Enter your post code and your region
  • Select “Jobs” on Category section
  • On sub-category, select “Web design”
  • In “What” section, enter a keyword, for example “WordPress”.

And click the “Search” button. You will be provided with hundreds of results to look for simple tasks to start with. Look for the “low hanging fruits“, and apply for the jobs.

To be more successful using Search Tempest, give each of your message a personal touch by preparing a introductory video for each job. A very useful free software from Tech Smith called Jing can make live video of your home screen easily. Use following steps to make a better introductory video:

  • Open the Job on the browser that you are making video for
  • Put a image of yourself on right side of your screen, and start making video with Jing.
  • Mention that you found their post, and you are the exact match for their job posting
  • Don’t forget to be smart by leaving your contact details, including your phone number, email and your Skype name. 

Now prepare a nice email for your client, something like this:


My name is Hamza Ghani, and I’m a Professional Web Designer. I saw your posting, and believe I am exactly the person who can help you with your needs. I’ve made you a special screencast to provide you more details. I’d very much appreciate if you had a peek.

(Your video link here)

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at:


I look forward to hearing from you 🙂



Always be nice and cheerful to your clients, this gives a personal touch and a good feeling to a person you are willing to form a relationship with (Remember! relation with clients are like general relations that we have in our lives, you should be very polite and nice to your clients to maintain long-term, in order to gain more work time-to-time.)



The founder of Design Tempest, Hamza Ghani is an eCommerce developer specialising in OpenCart development and Small Business Web Design, Hamza has worked with hundreds of businesses and runs his own company Xperteria which offers Web Design for small businesses, eCommerce Development, Internet Marketing and more. You can find him on and Twitter