OptinMonster Review: Increase your email opt-ins by 495%


Do you know what it takes to build an email list?

It comes down to this:

Enable your readers to easily subscribe and offer your readers a valuable thing (it can be anything, a report, an ebook, etc) for free

Here is the most important part that people miss:

The unknown truth is that however if you are willing to make it easy for your readers, it should be easy for you too.

There is no point of messing around and spending hours of your valuable time tinkering with email optins that are not out dated and difficult to handle, when you have everything that you need in one place

This is where OptinMonster comes in, a powerful platform that could just make everything easier for both you and your readers.

What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is not only a  leading opt-in plugin for WordPress, but its much more now.

It is full solution for creating email lists, deploying opt-in forms and testing it to the next level.

You can easily deploy opt-in forms using OptinMonster WordPress plugin or you can choose to take a snippet of code that can be used with any website that supports HTML.

No matter how many sites you run, you can monitor all your opt-in forms from one central place.

Let’s have a deeper look into what OptinMonster is offer actually.


Create and deploy opt-in forms fast with OptinMonster

The all important opt-in form types

When it comes to opt-ins, you need a tool like this, so you can place your opt-in forms where you wish

The awesome thing about OptinMonster is that while you have total control over pop-ups, they have other opt-in forms types available on certain plans (we will explain in a moment).


These all options allows you to display the right opt-in forms at the right place.

The form type type in above screenshot that doesn’t describe what it is for is the form called canvas.

With this option (canvas), you will be able to a pop-up that can be customized using HTML and CSS, so you are sure that you can customize it to your needs.

Its notable that these opt-in forms already come with multiple templates, which includes all type of pop-ups, such as after post pop-up, light box pop-up, etc.

Here are some designs that are included with light box pop-up:



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